Student Profile: Lawrence V. Desimone, P.E.


I decided to attend the M. S. in Sustainability in the Urban Environment at CCNY because I was feeling stagnant at work. I wanted to earn credentials that would help me land an employment position thatseemed more interesting. I often find myself wantingsomething more out of work regardless of how useful I am to my company and my ‘workload’. For me, pursuing the Sustainability program is an attempt

at finding an increased sense of meaning and gratification in my work. So far, it seems worthwhile.

Most course assignments are related to topics I
am deeply interested in, and my areas of interest continue to broaden as I work through courses.I appreciate the opportunity to share projects with students holding backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and the physical sciences. Both directly and indirectly, faculty and students have opened my eyes to new perspectives, social and environmental problems, and job opportunities. I am developing my ability to think critically, and write and present clearly.

I expect to graduate in May of 2021. In the
near future, my career will focus on integrating
my knowledge of alternative energy solutions, sustainable construction practices, and environmental preservation. I aspire to hold a position where I can encourage equality, harmony, and resilience through policy implementation. I expect to graduate in May of 2021.

I have the good fortune of working part-time as
an assist administrator to our Program Director, Katherine. In this position, I facilitate communication about professional development opportunities and educational events available to our current students and alumni. I was recently accepted into the C2C Fellows Sustainability Leaders Workshop at Bard College, and am a member of the NYCDOT Future Leaders Fellowship. I’m accredited as a ProfessionalEngineer (P.E.) and a Certified Passive HouseDesigner (CPHD). In my spare time, I volunteer as
an Associate Board member of Rebuilding Together NYC, a NPO that provides critical home repairs for low-income and disabled New Yorkers.