Student Profile: Sabrina Tenteromano

Growing up in the suburbs of NYC, Sabrina enjoyed a mud-covered childhood of forest fairies and cicada exoskeleton curiosity, while equally enjoying reading, writing, and watching movies. She was always sensitive to art and wanted to pursue a career that evokes the same feelings that art gave her. Then, after exposure to environmental ethics in college and the political turmoil of the mid 2010s, she realized she wanted not only to evoke those emotions, but also empower people to do something with them.

Once Sabrina understood the magnitude of the climate crisis, she knew she wanted to use her skills in communicating this urgency. She’s enjoyed working for several local non-profits during graduate school helping tenants, homeowners, architects, engineers, and designers understand the incentives available for them to transition to technologies that make our built environment and energy infrastructure greener and more equitable. The MS in Sustainability made those opportunities possible and taught her how to talk to professionals across disciplines.

To contact Sabrina, please email sabrina.tenteromano[at]

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