Introducing Our Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program!

A priority of our Sustainability Program is creating an interdisciplinary community of professionals addressing the many issues surrounding equitable climate change mitigation and adaptation in our cities. Especially in the current era of remote learning, creating that sense of community is more challenging and more critical now than ever before. That is why two of our students, Navida and Kathy, came to the Program with a spectacular idea to support our incoming students. The Sustainability Big Sibling/Little Sibling program will pair each new student with a current Sustainability Student or recent Program graduate based on interests to help guide them in the beginning of the Program. This will extend Program support beyond traditional academic advising so students have a resource within the Program to give them advice based on their experiences and to answer questions.

Are you a current student or recent graduate of the Program ready to support our community by being a Sustainability Big Sibling? Thank you for fostering a greater sense of connection and communication in Sustainability! Fill out the Google Form below to sign up!